1. That whole “it wasn’t raining when the race started” excuse is getting old and frankly it’s a bullshit excuse. Rain had been forecast DAYS ahead of time and anyone with an 8th grade education could have looked at a loop of radar data before the race started to see what was about to occur. Things won’t get better until you fully acknowledge that poor and selfish decisions led to the damage, not an uforeseeable act of God.

  2. Andy, thank you for your comment, as well as your guidance of the value of an eighth-grade education. I happen to be friends with multiple meteorologists – and one of my college roommates was a meteorologist, so I got his weather analysis on a daily basis. He, and the others that are friends of mine, have weather-specific educations far above an eighth-grade level. They also have been incorrect in their forecasts. In fact, the Kansas City metro area was projected for days in advance to have multiple days of severe weather during the past few weeks, even the very day the weather was supposed to hit the city. Each of those times, the storms blew just to the north of the city. Those projected storms were not unforeseeable acts of God, to borrow your term, but they also were incorrectly forecasted by people with an education above an eighth-grade level.

    All of that said, outrage and finger-pointing – whether it was on Facebook or here or somewhere else on social media – are not helping to repair the trails. Neither is juvenile animosity between some members of various groups that use the trails. No matter what your preferred trail activity, I hope you will be a part of the solution.

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