1. Can You honestly say why those people are banned? If not, why say it was bogus if you don’t know the real reason. I honestly feel this type of wording is what causes issues and problems. Know the facts 100% before you post that kind of stuff

  2. Roger, thank you for your inquiry. Yes, I can say it, because it is factual and based on quite a bit of research.

    The explanation that Mr. Holmes gave publicly – which has since been edited – was that after the Free State event he “let people vent for a while, hoping for some positive and constructive posts (like Chris Wristen’s), but it got out of hand and I had to block some users on the site.”

    Clearly, a handful who commented were combative in their dialogue, however they made up just a few of the many who were blocked. What is factual is that many others were blocked despite being civil in discourse, and many others – myself included, until I brought it to Mr. Holmes’ attention – were blocked despite posting no comments at all. Thus, the explanation Mr. Holmes gave to the group as to why many of its members were blocked was a half-truth at best – or a “bogus” reason – something that Mr. Holmes acknowledged on the page when he was called out on it by Cliff Jones of the Trail Masons.

    I can provide examples of comments made by people who were blocked, comments made by people who were not blocked, and take you through the full discourse to identify people who were blocked despite never making a comment. I have it documented. Rehashing that at this point doesn’t make much sense to me, though, since it’s in the past and our community is taking great strides at healing, working together, and moving forward with repairing the trails at Clinton State Park and many other parks throughout the Kansas City area. Lots of good, positive stuff is happening.

    While our community is healing, however, some divisive behaviors continue to hinder progress. Our community deserves better than that, which is why I continue to write about it.

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