1. Very well done Chris. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop on the progress for repairing the trails.

    • Great plan and hopefully results. Nice to see everyone moving in the same direction for a solution

  2. Is there a Trail Nerds Facebook page? I only found a Facebook group…

    Are bond or insurance requirements being discussed for future trail events? Something that’d cover at least some level of repair in the case of an unfortunate situation like this?

  3. Todd, I have confirmed that there are not any fines levied regarding the event. I do not know about any plans for a donation from the race promoter although I will report on it if I find out. I will be attending the trail-building training at 11 a.m. Saturday, and hopefully working on trail repairs afterward, so I will report on that, too. It sounds like quite a few folks already have signed up for the 9 a.m. training session, which is very encouraging to see. I know of a few others for the 11 a.m., too. Folks seem excited to learn and give of their time, which is good to see. The Trail Masons welcomed a few of us on Sunday, and the trail-building experience with them was very satisfying, so I expect this weekend to be no different with the training from KTC in Lawrence. There are a lot of enthusiastic trail-teachers out there, and my impression is that many folks intend to turn their words into action as far as trail repair is concerned.

    @kansastrails, there is a Facebook page for the Trail Nerds at this link: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/36609881769/
    It is a Group page, so you must be a member to view it. Folks who are not members or who have been kicked out can’t view it.
    Regarding bond or insurance requirements, I do not know that answer yet. I will try to find out. When I spoke with Neil Taylor on Monday morning, he indicated that the protocol for future events will be examined by KTC, the state park and the Army Corps of Engineers to see what procedures need to be changed in order to reduce the likelihood of significant trail damage in the future. Those discussions have not yet happened – at least not in great detail – and I imagine will take a fair amount of time.

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